Thermal Commercial Series

OMEGA Thermal Shopfront was designed to answer the increasing need for energy efficiency in commercial and residential joinery.  The excellent thermal performance of the Thermal Shopfront is just the beginning of the suites status as a great choice for the environment.

OMEGA Thermal Shopfront is manufactured from material sourced from McKechnie Aluminium, claiming the highest level of recycled metal content in New Zealand. The Thermal Shopfront can carry very large double glazing units, this is facilitated by its glazing pocket dimension, 40mm, allowing the suite to easily handle a 34mm glass unit.

The system was designed for shopfront work, so can easily integrate a door or window sash.

  • 100mm centrally glazed
  • Designed for double glazing up to 34mm in thickness
  • 52mm awning window sashes
  • 56mm thermal door sashes
  • Cast aluminium hinges for strength
  • Thermally Broken Seismic frames available
  • Split Mullion Design for unitised glazing
Thermal Commercial Series

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